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Walking Your Dog

Posted on Dec 4, 2013 by in Pets | 0 comments

It has already been established that walking has many health benefits for humans, but they are just as beneficial to dogs as well. Dog walking can give a lot of benefits to dogs, not only physically but mentally, socially, and emotionally as well. Read on to know more about how dog walking can make your pet happier and healthier.

Dog walking is an exercise, which is always good for the body. Having enough time for dog walking can make your dog more agile and limber, and it also helps in keeping the dog fit. Being overweight has the same effects on a dog’s health as it does on humans. Aside from proper diet, dog walking can keep the dog’s metabolism at proper levels to avoid being overweight.

Along the lines of obesity, issues such as constipation and other digestive system problems can be avoided through regular walks, since they don’t stay immobile or stagnant for long periods of time. Regular dog walking can also level your dog’s energy, preventing destructive actions such as chewing, digging, and scratching. It helps to calm them down and gives them an outlet for their excessive energy. With enough time for dog walking, your pet can stay relaxed and sleep well during the night.

Dogs with issues such as possessiveness, attention-problems, or unruliness can be curbed by having walks. This can give you and your pet enough time to bond together, establish trust, and keep them under your control. It is important to claim your place as the alpha in the group so that you have their respect. Lastly, regular walks, especially in the parks or where there as other pets and people, can expose your dog to various situations and animals. This can make them more confident and friendly, making them comfortable in any situation that may arise.

Because there are different types of dogs, knowing how active your dog is would be vital in the length of your dog walking exercise. There are those that require vigorous and long walks, while others just need a little time outside. Nevertheless, having dog walks will make your dog happy and healthy: bored dogs could lead to destructive dogs.

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