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Things to Consider before Getting a Puppy

Posted on Dec 3, 2013 by in Pets | 0 comments

When looking for a puppy, pet owners must consider both personal preference and what they can reasonably accommodate. If you are considering getting a new pet, here are some factors to contemplate before taking your furry friend home.

  1. Living space – Apartments often mean less living space, making them better for more compact, less active dog breeds.
  2. Hair and grooming requirements – A puppy’s fur may not be the first thing people consider when they picture their future pet, but maybe it should be. More hair than you could imagine a dog could possess may get all over floors and make vacuuming a daily necessity. Luckily, some breeds such as the Miniature Schnauzer shed very little.
  3. Energy – Herding and sporting breeds are more active, and may be better suited for runners and those who want to go for long walks with their dog.
  4. Age – There are pros and cons to adopting each age of dog. Puppies rarely show signs of how they’ll act as an adult at 8 weeks, making it risky to buy a young dog. Adults, on the other hand, may be set in their ways, making bad habits a massive headache for the new owner.
  5. Other pets or children – Some dog breeds are more sociable, while others may tend to be more protective of their owners. If you have young children or other pets, consider how they may mesh with the new addition before buying a dog.

Adopting a new pet is an exciting process. When logic and careful consideration are applied, you will find a wonderful companion that suits your lifestyle.

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