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Choosing a Storage Facility

Posted on Mar 4, 2015 by in Storing Goods | 0 comments

Finding the right managed storage unit can be overwhelming, especially for someone who is an amateur in such dilemma. In order to understand which storage unit will best work for you, try considering some of the factors listed below to get the best services.

  1. Don’t settle for storage facilities that are near your place. Finding a storage facility further from your current location can actually help in saving you money and possibly provide you with better storage services. Storage units offered further from heavily populated areas such as urban and suburban areas can offer better deals than those closer to home. When it comes to storage units, cheaper prices are not always the best options.
  2. Know that gate hours and office hours are different. Gate hours refer to the span of hours you are given to have access to your unit, while office hours mean the span of time personnel are available. This means if the office hours are shorter, you might have a problem when you need their help.
  3. Use the internet to find and read reviews of the storage facilities. See if they have happy renters and positive feedback. This is vital in ensuring the safety of your items. Steer clear of storage facilities that have recurring negative feedback, and understand what other renters are saying so that you will know what to look for and ask when visiting the facility.

Although it might seem favorable for you to find a storage facility that is nearer, the service and security may not be sufficient to guarantee your items stay safe. Furthermore, if you are storing documents or items that are sensitive to changes in temperature, then a climate controlled self storage unit may be the best option for you to preserve the quality of your items, whether you just want to preserve them or plan to sell them later. Think about the things that you are planning to store and the cost of each storage space.

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